June 10, 2023


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Factors that decide the cost of car tinting in San Diego

Factors that decide the cost of car tinting in San Diego

For decades, car tints have been popular among vehicle owners. This upgrade ensures their safety and privacy. Plus, it prevents the interiors from UV damage.

Many people are confused about the cost of car tinting in San Diego. We’re here to give a better answer. We will discuss the factors that decide the overall cost of this job.

Window size

The smaller the window size, the less film would be used. Also, the experts have to do less work installing it. This means you have to pay less if the surface area of your car windows is small. And of course, the larger cars have bigger windows…making the installation costlier.

Number of windows

Some people prefer to tint only the back glass, whereas the others go all side glasses. The number of windows you want to tint will also decide the total cost. You can also add a small strip on the top of your windscreen. But, you have to spend a little extra for that.

Age of car

Older cars are often difficult to tint. On the other hand, tinting a modern isn’t a challenge. You have to pay a little more for the former. This is because the door sections take a little extra time to tint.

Current situation

If your car already has a tint, the maker will charge an additional amount. They have to remove the old tint before installing the fresh one. And they have to clean and prep the window before the tinting job. It’s important to tell the current situation to the company offering San Diego car tinting. They will share the accurate quote with you.

Tint quality

The service provider in San Diego might show you different types of tints. The prices vary based on the quality and transparency. You can tell them your budget. This allows the company to show you the tint options that match your pocket and your needs.

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