September 20, 2023


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Visiting The Scariest Places in India on Indian Railway Journey

Embarking on a journey to explore India’s spooky places sounds like quite the adventure! From the Bhangarh Fort to the haunted tales of Ramoji Film City and the mysterious occurrences in Jatinga, you have lined up a captivating itinerary. Here is a breakdown of the chilling locations you mentioned:

  • Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan: Known for its eerie reputation, this fort has a curse attached to it, leading to tales of disappearances and hauntings. The story of the cursed magician and the princess adds to the mystique. Exploring the fort during daylight hours could be an unforgettable experience.
  • Kuldhara, Rajasthan: The abrupt disappearance of an entire town adds an intriguing layer of mystery. The deserted village is believed to have been cursed, which led to its abandonment. Visiting Kuldhara could evoke a sense of history and wonder about what happened there.
  • Jatinga, Assam: The bizarre phenomenon of migratory birds plunging to their deaths during specific hours and months is a truly unique and eerie occurrence. Jatinga’s enigma continues to baffle experts, making it a destination worth investigating for those intrigued by the unusual.
  • Ramoji Film City, Telangana: This bustling film studio has a darker side, with stories of ghostly encounters and unsettling experiences. The history of the site as a war ground and cemetery only adds to the haunting aura. Exploring the film city might provide an eerie contrast to its glamorous exterior.
  • Other Haunted Destinations: Your mention of Sanjay Van, Agrasen ki Baoli, Bengal swamps area, Dow Hill, Fernhill Hotel, Bombay Supreme Court, and National Library of Kolkata highlights the wide range of haunted sites across India. Each location comes with its own set of tales and mysteries, making them intriguing stops on your mythbusting journey.

As you board the Indian railway for this spine-tingling adventure, remember to keep an open mind and a cautious heart Whether you are a believer in the supernatural or a skeptic, these places offer a chance to explore the stories that have captured people’s imaginations for generations. And do not forget to double-check your train running status to ensure a smooth journey to each chilling destination. Happy exploring, and may you uncover the truth behind these captivating myths and legends!