December 7, 2023


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What affects the cost of San Diego decorative tinting?

What affects the cost of San Diego decorative tinting

Decorative tinting is one of our most popular offerings. The commercial and public spaces can enhance their interiors by installing it in their rooms and halls.

The price of San Diego decorative tinting depends on many factors. We are here to discuss those factors for your easy understanding.

  1. Film type

The type of film you choose will decide its price. For example, the price of anti-intrusion film is different from decorative films. That said, you will get the best decorative tinting in San Diego, California.

  • Size

The cost directly depends on how much film you need on your window or door. Although for large projects, we offer a bulk discount.

  • Sun-control layer

Many clients ask us to add a sun-control layer to reduce the power bills and to protect their belongings from fading. There’s an extra fee for this inclusion.

  • Thickness

We need extra materials for thicker security films, which increases the overall installation costs. The price of nano-security films is also more than regular ones.

  • French panes

Our team has to work harder to install small french windows, which is why the pricing is a bit higher than large windows.

  • Removal of older film

Most of the projects can’t be executed without removing the existing film. This increases the overall cost of the job.

  • Distance

If your location is far away, then the price may vary. This is because the team has to travel and stay overnight.

Other factors that impact the price of decorative tinting in San Diego, California, include working conditions, access equipment, and moving of furniture.

You can be sure that the team is installing finest quality films for your home. We also provide the best warranties after installation. Plus, we match the existing glass warranties.

For more information on our tinting solutions, check our official website: Call the team to get an estimate for your home or office: (877) 484-6886.