June 7, 2023


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Cryptocurrency these days have emerges as an increasing as well as

interesting space for the new generations but proves to be very challenging for the government and regulators. Bitcoin, invented in 2009, was the first digital crypto asset but since then; the crypto ecosystem has expanded to include over 5000 different digital assets and token today. And, this fast-paced industry has witnessed a global user base with increase of 190 percent between 2018 to 2020 having surpassed 200 million with the crypto market capital reaching on all-time high of dollar of 2 trillion in April 2021.

Crypto, these days, is reaching extra-ordinary levels of adoption and investment, opening a world of possibilities for business, governments and consumer.

What can we expect from Cryptocurrency in future?

The concept of cryptocurrency still remains beyond any regulations, however the government authorities have started promoting transparency regarding crypto transactions. And all this is because the people have started realizing the fact that Cryptocurrency Unlocked! (2021 Version).

Is cryptocurrency illegal? A big no! This is really a huge myth that people generally have. Currently, bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are beyond the purview of legal regulation of India, thus, cryptocurrency currently cannot be termed as illegal because they’re not yet authorized for used by any central authority in the country.

Can cryptocurrency be converted into cash?

Although, cryptocurrency is fast-emerging investment option across the strata; yet has some really practical issues. Like you cannot use these currencies for your daily transactions. Still, all can be stated that cryptocurrency is an extremely volatile virtual

currency whose value fluctuation is frequently observed.

However, it is really easy to convert crypto into cash.

Mastering and unlocking cryptocurrency seems to be hard but when guided from the basics, doesn’t seem that hard to crack.

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