September 21, 2023


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Frequently asked questions about car tinting in San Diego

Frequently asked questions about car tinting in San Diego

Hello Folks! A lot of you have been asking about car tinting in San Diego. The benefits, the cost, and more. We must tell you we love answering your questions. For that reason, we are crafting this blog today.

We will touch on all major questions around car tinting in San Diego.

Let’s roll.

Why should I tint my car?

Great question! Tinting car windows come with multiple benefits. For starters, you stay safe from dangerous UV rays…the ones that cause cancer and other illnesses. Tints block around 99 percent of these rays. The upholstery on your seats looks great (No Fading) even after a few years. The almighty sun does not affect them. By the way, it also improves the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

How much time does it take to tint my windows?

Well, it somewhat depends on your car. We will do this job within 2-4 hours. Tell us about your car and San Diego car tinting needs, and we’ll give you the exact details.

Are there any legal restrictions in California?

Yes, there are! Tinting the front windshield isn’t allowed, but you can use a non-reflective tint on the top four inches of your windshield. The laws prohibit you from using tints that block over 30% of the light on the front side windows. No restrictions on the back and rear windows. And, you can’t tint your windows RED.

What are the different types of window tints?

The popular options include:

Carbon film: It blocks UV and heat rays.

Metallic film: It also blocks these rays and blocks cell phone signals and GPS signals.

Infrared films: Block UV rays but offer maximum visibility.

What’s the cost of car tinting?

Get the best car window tinting in San Diego, starting at just $79. The price varies by your choice and needs. We’ll come up with more questions and answers in the future. So feel free to ask questions you have in mind. You can also visit our website to know about car tinting. Here’s the link: