November 22, 2023


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3 Reasons Why Your Next Bulb Should Be A smart led light bulb

During the next home upgrade project, you should start focussing on the lighting of the house, you may have already shifted to the LED bulbs, but that’s not all. Smart bulbs are here to offer intelligent lighting. These bulbs won’t sit in a socket and illuminate the room like the average LED. A smart led light bulb will convert the boring space into an interesting living area. What are you waiting for? Install the smart bulbs now and see how it makes a difference. 

  1. Smart bulbs dim automatically

Yes, you heard it right. One o the basic features of any smart bulb is that you can dim one or many of them without installing any dimmer switch at your home. All you have to do is install the dimmable smart bulbs into the lamps or any chandelier and then control the brightness as per our need. 

You can operate via the app to control the lights. Premium brands offer a variety of control systems to ensure that you enjoy complete convenience. 

  • Control remotely

If you have to spend long working hours outside the home, then the smart bulbs can be of much help. The scheduling features allow you to control the lighting system using the application irrespective of your location at any time.

  • It is the best security option when you are locking up the home for a long vacation. You can light up the rooms in the evening just to make sure that the burglars cannot apprehend your absence.
  • If you hate entering a dark house, then the smart lights will help you turn on the lighting system before entering the house without wasting electricity. 
  • The top brands offer a hub for the lights like the one for Philips smart led bulbwhich will help you to control and synchronize all the lights using one application.

Control from a remote location is ideal when you have to travel frequently.

  • Changing colors

Do you like to add color to life and house? Well, why don’t you try the smart bulbs? Lighting goes one step further with bulbs that can produce an endless range of colors. Tapping a color wheel or controlling through the touch button will allow you to change the colors depending on your mood or the purpose at home. Philips Hue will offer to change the colors whenever you ask.

Now, the question is, what’s so special about a bulb that changed color?

  • A golden yellow light can add warmth to the room.
  • The light blue color is good for summer nights to cool down the space.
  • Match with the theme color when you organize a house party.
  • Turn the smart bulbs red during Christmas and likewise for other occasions
  • Change the shade of wall color visually with changing hues.

Of course, you can now understand how exciting it will be when you actually install such a light.

Stay happier

Colored lights complementing your mood can go a long way in improving your mental state. A long day at work will be trying. Relax under the cool lighting to rejuvenate yourself.