September 23, 2023


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Why the asymmetrical earrings are trending?

Why the asymmetrical earrings are trending

We have seen a lot of rising trends around fashion accessories in recent times. If you frequently buy pearl earrings online, you might have noticed asymmetrical earrings.

Many magazines talk about this trend. Several fashion influencers try this on their Insta profiles. Yes, it is an in-thing. And the trend is growing at an accelerated rate.

The very first reason for its popularity is that it lets you get a unique look. If you love drawing attention, then this is one of the easiest ways to do so.

Some women wear mismatched earrings from their collection. They use their own sets to wear a unique earring on each ear. An advantage of doing so is that you can create your unique style. You can exude your personality by doing so.

That said, it has its own risks. For example, they may look messy if done wrong. We bet you don’t want to be associated with such fashion faux pas.

A solution comes in the form of asymmetrical earrings that many online stores offer. When you buy earring pearls online, you can be sure they have been approved by fashion stylists and designers.

For example, a pair that ESEL Shop offers is ideal for anyone who wants to go with an asymmetrical design. This online store offers designs made with natural freshwater pearls. Although the length of each earring is the same, there is a difference in design. The material and color is also the same to ensure you carry it with full confidence.

If you are trying asymmetrical earrings for the first time, then keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t wear multiple earrings on one ear (it may look busy). If you want to do so, go for minimalistic designs.
  • If you are trying earring of different lengths, try using the ones with the same set of gemstones.
  • Keep the outfit you will be wearing in mind.
  • Get your pairs from a renowned online store.

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