November 29, 2023


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UV and its Usage in Disinfection Services

UV and its Usage in Disinfection Services

Now to get a better view of the positive aspects of UV disinfection service we need to discuss the other different ways of controlling such bacteria and viruses.

UVC is nothing but a third variant of ultraviolet rays found in the atmosphere. Ultraviolet rays (UV) vary in the wavelength and are accordingly categorized for their effectiveness.

Disinfection services cater to those services where chemicals are used to kill certain harmful bacteria or viruses. Thus, making the environment free from all sorts of organisms that are harmful to us.

UVC rays are effective in killing such harmful organisms present in the environment.

Purpose of UV disinfection

We have already mentioned earlier that UV rays are very efficient in killing harmful environmental viruses. Now to get a better view of the positive aspects of UV disinfection service we need to discuss the other different ways of controlling such bacteria and viruses.

  1. Harmful chemicals: chlorine, bleaching powder, and other similar chemicals are required to be used in considerable quantities to achieve a safe and disinfectant atmosphere
  2. Effect on humans: prolonged usage of such chemicals can damage not only the skin but also other body parts of humans (mainly workers who do such jobs)
  3. Regular use of such chemical brings rapid changes on the surface where it is applied that might not generally be desired by anyone
  4. Such use of chemicals may affect other living beings like domestic pets, fishes, and birds who visit the area where such chemicals are applied regularly.

The advantages of UV disinfection

After highlighting the problems faced in using traditional methods of controlling harmful viruses; we will get a better picture of using the latest process of eradicating harmful viruses and bacteria.

  • the radiation used do not have any side effect on human
  • the radiation does not bring about any change in the basic structure of the water, air, or any other surface where it is applied
  • since the radiation is used in a controlled manner from the beginning, hence it is environment friendly
  • neither storage space is required, nor extra precaution is required to keep the UV disinfectant fixture
  • low consumption of power for using UV disinfectant

Disadvantages of UV disinfection:

Despite the above-mentioned positive side of UV disinfection, there is some negative side as well.

  • exposure to UV without any protection may lead to blindness and also cause serious health issues like cancer
  • UV disinfection without the use of electricity available.

After discussing the good and negative aspects of UV disinfection we can now highlight the other ways of using UV rays applied by Signify. Years of experience and expertise of this company led to the discovery of a new age lighting system. This new lighting has been a huge success in the market for its efficiency and affordability. So a new way of using UV rays for disinfection is UVC lighting. The recent development of UVC bulbs has given us a reason to be safe from the deadly virus since it has proved to inactivate coronavirus. Even a foreign university has approved its effectiveness on coronavirus. The lighting thus developed can disinfect both air, water, and other surfaces.

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