September 23, 2023


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4 Tips to Follow Before Buying a Lightstip

4 tips to follow before buying a lightstip

If you are a K-pop fan then you must have some light strips in your room.

If you are a K-pop fan then you must have some light strips in your room. The use of light strips has increased and it gained so much popularity among these Korean pop artists. You can place this light anywhere in your room and it would make your room very cosy. With smart technology, you can change the colour of your light as well.

Before buying such a fancy item, you must tick the checklist very well. These types of lights come at an exclusive premium price. So be very genuine and curious when you buy such things from the market.

#1: need Bluetooth

If you have a strong Bluetooth connection then you must purchase Philips Hue light strip. This light will fulfil all of your needs with its efficient quality of service. The colour and brightness of the light are controlled via Bluetooth of your smart device. Therefore, you must update all your devices and check the Bluetooth connection very well before buying this. 

  • You can also control the system via your computer and any other smart gadgets. 
  • The technology behind this system is quite advanced thus you need to update the system regularly to experience more. 
  • Set the colour of your light anytime. And enjoy your mood. 

#2: smooth surface 

You need a clean and smooth surface to stick this light. If you have a dusty wall then it will not strick correctly as per your need. Therefore, you have to make the surface smooth to fix this stuff. You can paint your wall with modern painting to avoid losing the glue to stick the light. 

  • You can stick this light in any kind of area in your house or office or any space you like.
  • The space should be very tidy and dust-free. 
  • You can stick this light on your table or any wooden surface because it would stick to any smooth surface.
  • Some people use this light in their cars also to make their cars look more advanced.
  • Similarly, you can strict this light near your study desk, the bottom of your bed, and other areas to give your house a modern look.

#3: small space 

These strips of lights are very handy for small spaces. Actually, the length of the strip is very small so you can use it wisely for the small spaces. You have to make a mind map before you stick all the staff. You can also follow the guide videos to make up your mind.

  • Cabinets are the best areas where you can install this. 
  • Cupboards would get more lights if you are strick some strips there. 
  • Drawers, where you put all your important files and accessories, will get more light if you are strick this light there. 
  • Most importantly, you can stick this light anywhere in the kitchen and get the most positive result.

#4: creativity  You can use this light on your study desk. You can also highlight some pictures on the wall through these lights. You can also make designs with these lights.