September 23, 2023


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Strict action: YouTube removes 8.30 crore videos, 700 million comments

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YouTube has removed 8.30 crore videos from its platform since 2018. Their content was objectionable, against copyright or pornography. 700 crore comments were also deleted during this period. The company said that the number of objectionable videos in every 10,000 videos varies from 16 to 18.

According to Jennifer O’Connor, director of the security and reliability team at the company, the percentage of objectionable videos is very low. Their Artificial Intelligence system removes 94% of objectionable videos before anyone sees them.
Yet when crores of videos are being uploaded, even the smallest percentage of the remaining objectionable videos becomes a very large
number. Till three years ago, the ratio was 63 to 72 videos of 10,000. YouTube and Facebook are serving a large amount of content to the rest of the users these days from these videos uploaded by the user. Ireland to probe
Facebook data leak Ireland has launched an investigation into the leakage of personal data of 61 lakh Facebook users in India and 533 million facebook users in the world.

The Data Protection Commission did not accept Facebook’s argument that the data was from 2019.

Commission will look into how the data was leaked and what misuse disbursed or may have taken place.

According to The Commission’s Deputy Commissioner Graham Doyle, Facebook’s claims will be tested. Misuse of leaked data is possible. Therefore, it is not right to dismiss the dangers by calling the data outdated. Impact on EU Also, the Dublin-based Commission of Inquiry is an important part of the EU data protection regulator.

The inquiry is likely to have an impact on the entire union. Experts believe that strict rules for deleting data may apply to the server over a certain period of time.

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