September 23, 2023


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Need To Pick Right PFC from Power Factor Correction Suppliers Philippines

The power factor will play an essential role in the functioning of an electronic device. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the chances of poor and undesirable power factors.

You can ensure this when you use a power factor correction controller. However, you will need to make sure it is of high quality. It should be capable of handling unexpected events due to surges or drops in the power supply.

So, it is needless to say that you should always procure them from the dependable power factor correction suppliers Philippines.

Reasons to Hire Reliable Power Factor Correction Suppliers Philippines

The most significant reason to hire a reliable source is that these power factor correction suppliers Philippines will ensure that the product is of the highest quality. Its efficiency will be just as desired.

They will also offer you the guarantee of the best price, after-sales service, and assistance whenever you need it. Whether it is for troubleshooting or any other query, you can rely on their team.

Factors Influencing Power Factor

Ideally, two primary factors influence the power factor. These are:

Displacement – This refers to a situation when the current waves and voltage in a circuit are out of stage. It is caused mainly by the capacitor low voltage, inductors, and other reactive elements.

Distortion – This refers to the change in the shape of the original wave or the grid voltage. It is mainly caused by the rectifiers or other nonlinear circuits with substantial harmonic content.

Just as the name implies, power factor correction rectifies these issues and minimizes the chances of inadequate power supply.

Solutions Offered

The power factor correctors are designed to use different methods and external reactive elements to improve the power factor in a device. This enhances the eventual reactive power and eliminates the possibility of any distortions.

Ideally, a perfect PFC bought from a reliable power factor correction suppliers Philippines will offer two types of power factor corrections, namely:

Passive power factor correction: This refers to improving the power factor with the help of passive filters that clear away the harmonics. These types of PFCs are suitable for low-power usage.

Active power factor correction: This method modulates wave distortions using a switching converter. This creates the sine wave. Switching frequency is only present in the harmonics, making it easy to filter out, though it makes its design a lot more complex.

Picking the Right PFC

Choosing the correct power factor correction is essential to ensure the circuit and the device are efficient. It will prevent stress on the grid due to unnecessary load and capacitor low voltage, which may result in further issues in the connected devices.

You will therefore need to have a precise estimate of the total load or KVAR requirement. You will get it from the utility bills.

A word of caution: Never exceed the rating of the total capacitor connected to the load to improve the power factor to unity. The surplus power factor will cause much more damage than one lagging.

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