November 29, 2023


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Major Effects of Connected Lighting in SME

Major effects of Connected lighting in SME

The splendid innovations in lighting systems are supporting the growth of Connected lighting in SME.

As you see, a change in lighting fixtures has been visible over the years. It includes the improvements such as unique designs, tones, hues, luminaries, etc. The splendid innovations in lighting systems are supporting the growth of Connected lighting in SME.

What is connected lighting? 

Connected lighting is a smart and convenient lighting solution for your personal and commercial buildings. The advanced technology makes your lighting system more efficient every day. Connected lighting is a system of light fixtures that are connected to a network. 

The network allows them to receive and send data. It has a sensor that tracks occupancy, humidity, and temperature. This lighting system includes two categories:

Network control EthernetThis type of lighting system generally retrofits the existing light fixture of a building with wired or wireless controls and sensors. It is a cost-effective way to enable data connection. This technology of Smart lighting in SME improves energy efficiency and space utilization. 

  • Power over Ethernet 

This system runs on the standard networking cable. It is easy to upgrade this system. You can add more advanced sensor technology in the future.

If you wish, you can set a combination of these two types of connected lighting systems. In this case, you need to identify the specific needs and objectives of your building spaces.

The market value of smart lighting

The small to medium enterprises expect that the development of Connected lighting in SME would offer them to receive additional payments from their customers. It helps to increase the marketing of lighting products in the LED lighting markets. Also, due to its efficiency LED, consumers may adopt it more rapidly in the future. 

Benefits of connected light in business

  • It has the most energy-efficient technology that reduces energy costs by 90 percent. 
  • You can control the energy-saving luminaries through IP to get information about the usage of your building. It helps in real-time adjustment for comfort and security. 
  • It does not require frequent service for Smart lighting in SME and reduces maintenance costs. 
  • It has another significant feature which is scheduling. You can set a specific time to switch on and off the lights automatically.
  • Daylight harvesting is a strategy that you should implement to make your office smarter. It saves energy and reduces electricity bills by adjusting the level of interior lighting. 
  • The smart lights are integrated with the HVAC and the fire alarm system. It enables the lights to set at a cascading point at the time of a fire breakout. 
  • You can customize the lighting of your building with a Smartphone app. You can dim or brighten your lighting to match the inside ambiance. 
  • This technology also helps you to create a responsive and safe parking area with enough lighting arrangement.


Smart lighting creates a perfect working environment in any industry. Connected lighting is not only for big businesses but also an effective choice for small to medium enterprises. Using Connected lighting in SME can save time as well as the energy of the workers.  For more information about connected lighting systems in SME, you may visit

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