November 28, 2023


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Complete Guidance of Philips Hue lightstrip installation

Complete Guidance of Philips Hue lightstrip installation

When you have decided on the perfect space for installing your Lightstrips, you must be thinking about how to set this up.

Do you need some decoration to modify the look of your apartment? Then, Philips Hue lightstrip is exactly what you are looking for to make your space graceful.

1. Where to set up

  • You can set the light behind your Television and transform your room into a Cineplex.
  • If you are a video maker on social media, this lightstrip is perfect for your background decoration.
  • Setting the strips around your ceiling gives an elegant look to your bedroom. You can customize the dimming according to your mood. 
  • You can also enlighten your shelves and racks with LED light stripes. 

2. How to set up

When you have decided on the perfect space for installing your Lightstrips, you must be thinking about how to set this up. Here is some guidance for fixing up the lights: 

Space measurement: First of all, you have to measure your area to identify the length of the required stripes. You should not avoid any bending or curving surface on the selected area. You must decide the shapes that you want to set your light strips in. 

Light strip testing: After measuring the length of the area, you should test your Light strips if they are working. It is very important to inspect these first. It may waste your time uninstalling if you find any malfunction later.

Unplug your light strips if there is no fault, and start your installation process. 

Look testing: Before installing the Philips Hue lightstrip, you can test the look of your space with a false attachment. You may ask someone for help and have a trial set of the lights. 

Light strips cutting:  It is not always necessary to cut the strips as you may find the perfect length in-built. In case, you have to cut the strips into proper sizes, do it with all your attention. 

There are multiple individual circuits in LED light strips. You should cut only the lines that mark the end of one circuit and the beginning of another. 

Fixing in the proper place: After a swift cut, you can place the strips in selected places. If you are using Philips Hue lightstrip, it is easy for you to attach the strips to any solid surface. It comes with an adhesive backing. 

It also includes mounting clips for attaching the strips along fences or railings. 

3. Strips bending suggestions

If you get any bending or curving surface within the selected area, you have to bend the light strips. It is not a tough task as the strips are made with rubber or silicone type of material. You can follow these two options for the task: 

  1. You can notice the ‘cut here’ marks on Philips Hue lightstrip that make it easy to find the bending point. 
  1. You can cut the strips and joint those using the help of a ‘corner corrector’. 


Lighting your surrounding offers a positive vibe to your mood and the ambiance. You can switch from the traditional to advanced lighting system to give your place a better and more fancy look.  To acknowledge more about LED light stripes, you may visit

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