September 22, 2023


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Importance of Smart lighting in SME

Importance of Smart lighting in SME

If you haven't yet implemented smart lighting in your office, now is the time to integrate it for a great future for your business.

Whether small or large, every business seeks the most energy-efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective smart lighting solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of their premises. The modern world demands technological advancements and upgrades in the corporate sector to help employees grow and develop and thereby increase their productivity.

To achieve this, businesses explore multiple interior designs, fixtures, and smart lighting systems Among these, intelligent lighting or Smart lighting in SMEs is given more importance and priority to gain control over use and usage.

Significance of smart lighting

If you haven’t yet implemented smart lighting in your office, now is the time to integrate it for a great future for your business.

  • Low power consumption

One of the main advantages of using intelligent lighting, especially LEDs, is low consumption and cost. Smart lighting solutions can actually help save a fair share of electricity bills. Scheduling and intensity options on smart LEDs can translate into a great savings option. Retail stores can be very smart by choosing these lights, they can adjust on or off settings for all LED lights in the space to promote cost-savings.

  • Security

Intelligent lighting has motion sensors that detect and turn on the presence of people in the workplace. This emergency lighting helps the security team to secure the area tightly to avoid accidents. Intelligent lighting ensures that the space is well-lit when there are people or anomalies around and then switches off at the opposite time. Also, these visual alarms are helpful in accident-prone areas like storerooms and warehouses.

  • Flexibility and long life

Connected lighting in SMEs is flexible and can be used in hospitals, home offices, industries, MNCs, and hotels to bring clarity and increase productivity. It is powerful to change the decor, effect, and hue to make a conference room, children’s ward, and any other space more attractive and impressive.

Many lighting professionals consider smart lighting systems as mood boosters and powerful lighting solutions to positively influence human behavior. Also, being an LED, it can perform up to 20 times more than traditional lighting and helps businesses save energy and overall costs.

  • Natural light

Natural light has huge benefits for everyone, including school students. This is another aspect that has been proven to improve test results; In fact, one study found that students with high levels of natural light achieved 18% higher test results than students with minimal natural light. In fact, office furniture experts have also noticed improvements in employee productivity when they have more natural light around them. This proves that natural light helps significantly in various settings, from schools to offices.

Engineering natural light

Should office lighting be a strategy for SMEs, it requires a thoughtful lighting solution to maximize natural light in the workplace. This means configuring your office lighting and using natural light wherever possible by using windows and skylights. In addition to switching the lights on and off, some workplaces require less light than others, so they don’t need constant bright fluorescent lights. A modern office demands advanced lighting solutions to thrive and survive in a high-tech environment. Furthermore, modern lighting is the ultimate solution to reach greater heights without compromising on energy efficiency and exploiting natural resources.