November 28, 2023


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Height-adjustable workstations: The need of the hour

Height-adjustable workstations: The need of the hour

Sitting is the new smoking! Almost all of us heard this line somewhere in the last few years. When you sit for hours, you become a victim of a sedentary lifestyle. The people leading such lifestyles for a long time tend to develop serious diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular issues.

Even minor problems can trouble those who sit for long. It is common to witness employees facing back and shoulder problems. They take more leaves, don’t enjoy their work, and aren’t productive enough.

Many experts recommend walking every half an hour. Well, you can choose a better route. If you are buying office furniture, go for adjustable workstations in Los Angeles, California.

These modern workstations were introduced a few years ago. In the beginning, they were thought to be a temporary trend. Many startups adopted it. Even the corporate biggies saw the potential, and introduced them in their offices.

Result: The height-adjustable workstations are now an integral part of the modern offices.

One of the benefits the teams have seen is the reduction in backaches. Office workers used to complain of back & shoulder aches. The physical & psychological reasons made it worse.

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that standing desks decrease pain in the neck & upper back. In fact, there’s a reduction of around 54% in just four weeks.

The employees have started to enjoy their work. Let’s understand how.

Monotony is one of the creativity killers. We are telling it from experience. In our early years, we have seen this phenomenon around us. People started to hate their job responsibilities due to the monotonous nature of the work. That happened even if they loved their work, in general. Adjustable workstations have changed such scenarios. People don’t feel their job to be repetitive when they’re able to modify the height of their desk.

It gives them the much-needed break.

All these points tell why your next desks should be height-adjustable. For the modern office furniture in Los Angeles, trust the team of Office Design Studio. For more details, visit this link: