September 23, 2023


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How to talk to your parents’ personal care aides

How to talk to your parents’ personal care aides

Your role does not end after finding the right personal care aide for your parents. It always helps to remain actively involved in their care. Interacting with their caregivers regularly is one way to do so.

To help you in the process, we have listed some essential tips. You will know what to say and what to avoid when hiring personal care aide services in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Say “thank you” in a natural way

“Thanks a lot for your support.” “You are doing a great job.” The lines like these are natural. Avoid saying things like “You are a saint.” “God will bless you for your deeds.” You can thank them by saying something that they did on a particular day. For example, you tell them “Thank you for encouraging the dad to do exercise.”

Get the feedback after the session

Don’t make it sound like an interrogation. Think of it as a casual conversation. You can begin your discussion by saying things like “I hope the session was great.” “Mom looks happy. Seems like she enjoyed your company.” Let them open up about the session without feeling intimidated. A reliable companion care service in Silver Spring, Maryland will also agree to this.

Ask them if they need any support

You can do this whenever you are around. Expect superior care for your parents if you ask the caregivers you can help them. Of course, you don’t have to be there throughout. A little support, even for five minutes, is worthwhile.

Ask about parent’s health

This doesn’t have to be done every day. You can get updates about their health every few days. While doing so, you can share any health information about your parents’ health that can result in better care. We hope these tips will ensure finest care for your loved ones.Vitalis personal companion aide in Silver spring, Maryland, will also deliver finest care for your loved ones. Find more details by visiting their official website: Contact the team by giving a call at this number: 240.716.6874. Or, send an email at [email protected].