December 5, 2023


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Vitalis HealthCare provides personal companion care services in Maryland

Vitalis HealthCare provides personal companion care services in Maryland

In their senior years, your parents might feel lonely. They might not be able to take care of themselves. You can rely upon personal companion care services in Maryland by Vitalis to ensure your loved ones lead a healthy life.

As a part of its personal companion care services, Vitalis sends caregivers that offer assistance to your loved ones in their daily living activities. You can contact this agency if you want them to stay on their own and yet receive complete care. For the best care, the personal care aides connect with the physician of your loved ones. They also interact with you to evaluate the type of care required. Apart from this, an assessment is used to create a care plan and use it to monitor the progress.

The personal care aides receive a refresher training that is customized as per the needs of your loved ones. These aides interact with the registered nurses and client care coordinators to deliver the best outcomes. You can trust these caregivers to handle basic tasks, including medication reminders and transfers. The aides from this Silver Spring personal care assistance services can also help your loved ones with walking aides and artificial limbs.

For all daily task activities — bathing, cleaning, dressing up, and eating — personal care aides support the seniors. They also help them in activities like foot care, nail care, mouth care, and incontinent care. Simply put, your parents can lead a comfortable life even with a limited mobility.

Just make sure you discuss your needs with the agencies and personal care aide beforehand. Share everything related to your loved one that could be useful. This includes their likes, dislikes, health conditions, etc.

If needed, the caregivers can record bowel movement and measure intake/output of your parents. They also help with range of motion exercises.

Due to all features, Vitalis has become the most trusted personal companion care service in Maryland. You can trust them also for companion care services and skilled nursing. Find more details about their services from here: