November 22, 2023


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How are cutting saddles different from roping saddles?

How are cutting saddles different from roping saddles

In the last few years, cutting saddles in the USA have become quite popular. Those who have just entered the world of horse riding aren’t aware of its benefits. They also don’t how it is different from roping saddles.

On this blog, we will talk about those differences. Let’s begin without further ado.

A quick introduction…

Both cutting and roping are sports of Western horse riding. Although a few aspects are similar, they have different saddles.

Cutting saddles

The cutting saddles in the USA provide agility. Plus, they ensure proper contact between the ride & horse. This is made possible with a long and flat seat, along with a low cantle. A slight rise before a high pommel is another characteristic feature. Something that differentiates cutting saddles from others is the presence of rough-out leather on the areas where the rider’s legs are while riding. For example, the jockeys and the fenders.

Roping saddles

The design of these saddles is such that they take a lot of abuse. For this purpose, the makers use sturdy rigging and a heavy-duty saddle. The horns on these saddles are also sturdy and thick. And the pommel is usually higher when compared to other variants. The rider stays in position due to the size of the roping saddle. The use of suede ensures the rider gets extra traction when using it.

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