June 7, 2023


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Frequently asked questions about double hung windows in Los Angeles

Frequently asked questions about double hung windows in Los Angeles

Double-hung windows are quite popular. From convenience to visual appeal – there are many reasons people love them. No wonder they are also seen in so many new homes.

You must be having many questions about these windows. And we are here to answer them. We will mention frequently asked questions about double hung windows in Los Angeles.

What exactly is a double hung window?

A window with two operable sashes is referred to as a double-hung window. A sash of this window slides over another sash vertically. There’s a frame that the makers install for proper support.

What are the advantages of double hung windows?

The best double hung windows in Los Angeles offer these benefits:

  1. Easy to maintain: You can clean & maintain them easily. As a user, there is no need to go out of your home to clean it. The process is simple because both sashes pivot towards the home’s interior.
  2. Good ventilation: Open both sashes or one – the choice is yours. The warm air goes out of the top sash when one opens both sashes. At the same time, the cool air comes into your home from the bottom sash.
  3. A safer window: Many homeowners who prefer safety go for this option. As pushing them outwards is not easy, you can consider them safe. The intruders can’t break-in easily.

Where can I use them?

You can use them for any room of your home. They are also popular for decks, patios, and outdoor walkways.

When to replace the windows?

Replace your windows when they start to lose their appeal. Don’t worry; this happens after many years of use. Repairing is a good option if you notice minor issues.

Which is the right company for double hung windows in Orange County?

DJ Windows & Doors is one of the reliable companies for double hung windows in Orange County. They offer finest quality window options at the prices you can easily afford.

For more details, visit the company’s website: https://djwindowsdoors.com/. Call the team for your queries: [email protected]