December 4, 2023


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Frequently asked questions about double hung windows

Frequently asked questions about double hung windows

When you remodel your home, you also revamp your windows. With so many options out there, the chances of getting confused are high. You can consider double hung windows for your next home makeover. After all, it comes with an array of benefits.

Double hung windows in Los Angeles are already so popular. Do you want to know why? We will answer all common questions around this window-type.

How does a double hung window work?

When you open this window, one of its sash slides over another vertically. A window frame supports these sashes.

Which sash can I open?

You can open any of the sashes of this window.

How is it different from a single-hung system?

A single-hung system’s one sash remains permanently fixed, whereas the sashes of a double-hung system aren’t fixed.

 Will they look good in my home?

Double-hung systems offer a Victorian & Georgian feel to your home. Choose them if you are looking for something classy and elegant. As many colors, designs, and styles are available, you can expect them to match your house interiors. This is one of the reasons double hung windows in Orange County are so popular.

What all advantages do these systems offer?

The double hung systems come with multiple advantages for the homeowners. We have already discussed how they go well with your interiors. A variety of options are available if you choose a reliable service provider. You can easily clean and maintain them, as the sashes can slide over one another. These windows also offer amazing ventilation. Keep your home cool without relying much on HVAC systems with these windows. Expect a decent reduction in your power bills.

What’s the best time to replace them?

If you choose the best double hung windows in Los Angeles, you can expect them to last for years. They even survive for more than a decade. Of course, cleaning and maintenance is crucial to extend their life. Repairing them is also a good idea if you notice minor issues. But, if the problems can’t be fixed, you can consider replacing them. This is usually done when their glass is broken or if they lose their shine. People replace them also when the supporting frame becomes weak. 

Can I install them on my own?

Installing double hung windows in Los Angeles is a good idea only if you have decent experience. You know all the steps thoroughly. And you have all necessary installation and safety equipment. If not, it’s better to avoid installing on your own. A professional won’t charge you a fortune. The way they install the windows ensures it lasts for years. And you have to pay a little amount in future for its repairs. That’s why contacting the experts is a better idea.

How to find a reliable window company? Ask for the recommendations from your friends or family. Go through the website of the contractor you’re considering. Read the reviews online or from the company’s website. Ask about the warranty and experience in detail.