November 28, 2023


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Can Notaries Perform Wedding Ceremonies?

Can Notaries Perform Wedding Ceremonies

Marriage is a big decision. No wonder we expect the right person for performing the marriage ceremony. It can be a rabbi, a priest, or a minister. Even court clerks, judges, and other public figures do this job.

Many people don’t know that notaries also offer marriage ceremony services in Greater Houston. Let’s understand more in detail.

Here’s how it works:

The notary public asks the bride and groom to their vows. And asks if they “take each other” as wife and husband. After each of them says “I do,” the professional asks them to exchange rings. This is followed by repeating the marriage ceremony oath. The notary public declares the couple as “married” after the successful completion of these steps.

These are the benefits…

There are several reasons to hire notaries for your big day. For starters, you can decide the location. Unlike clerks, the notaries aren’t restricted to courthouses. They will visit your place as long as it is within the state they’re eligible to officiate marriages.

When you hire a notary, you also get the flexibility of time. The clerks comply by the hours that the courthouses permit. This isn’t the case with notaries. They can officiate a wedding any day of the week between 9 AM to 10 PM.

The companies also offer wedding rehearsals. They charge a tiny fee for your rehearsals. You feel more confident on your wedding day if you have done your rehearsals correctly. The best part is that the notaries let you select the day that suits you

Marriage ceremony in Greater Houston

Houston’s Notary offers marriage ceremony services in Greater Houston. As a part of the intimate package, you get a certified ordained wedding to officiate. There’s also a Zoom or phone consultation. The couples can choose from custom or traditional vows. It comes with one hour to perform the wedding. You need to pay $200 for this service.

For a marriage ceremony in Greater Houston, visit this link: Feel free to call them for all your queries or a free consultation: (713) 955-6485.