November 25, 2023


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5 Reddit Features You Didn’t Know About

5 Reddit Features You Didn't Know About

You probably know about Beam, Narwhal, and RedditGifts, but did you know there were also features in Reddit that don’t show up on the front page of the website? Read on for some insights! Reddit is an online place where the members of the Reddit community posts and shares news by means of creating a topic termed as “subreddit”. It also records your history in its app, and remembers your preferred sorting preferences for posts. Reddit even remembers which subreddits you like to see the most.


You can use Beam to browse the Reddit community and submit posts for free. The app also offers a sneak peek feature of posts, media, links, and comments. Beam also allows you to filter subreddits and keywords for easy browsing. Currently, you cannot filter by users or domains. Regardless, the app is well worth checking out for free. It can save you time and frustration by helping you find relevant content.

Beam allows you to create multiple subreddits, which can be helpful if you follow a large number of users. It also includes a search bar for navigating through the content. It supports multiple accounts, GIF scrubbing, and auto-hiding posts if you’ve disabled notifications. Beam also supports biometric and passcode authentication for your security. It also supports haptic feedback for iPhone users.


You might have noticed the “Narwhal” icon on the top-left corner of your mobile screen. This new application lets you add all of your Reddit accounts to one single account. It also supports multireddits, but it lacks chat support and tagging. While the app doesn’t provide much customization, it’s a great option for people who frequently visit Reddit. You can download it for free in the App Store.

You can also browse your subreddits with the app. You can sort subreddits by popularity or by the most recent post. You can also filter posts by keyword, subreddit, or user. The app remembers your preferences, so you can find and follow posts that you’ll enjoy most. It also offers a handy search bar. Using it is a great way to find the best topics and users. Members are also asked to contribute and are invited to up-vote other posts which are good. Thus knowing how to post on Reddit is a must. 


Did you know that r/IAmA has several features you may not be aware of? It’s not just about asking other users questions, it also allows you to give answers to your own questions. Here are some useful tips for participating in an AMA. First, make sure you’ve logged in and read the rules of the site before posting your question. Once you’ve read the rules, you can start answering questions!

To conduct an analysis of r/IAmA threads, we used a sample of ten of the most popular threads. The threads were sampled from November 2014 to February 2015; we chose a three-month period because we wanted to capture recent trends on Reddit, but also so that threads were relatively inactive. Table 1 shows some of the characteristics of these threads.


If you’re unfamiliar with RedditGifts, we’ll go over 5 of the best-known features. From the “missed delivery” slip to the “ask me anything” feature, there’s something for everyone on the platform. Bill Gates, for example, participated in the gifting community for years. He was known for his extravagant and thoughtful gifts. The site’s founders hope to focus on the Reddit experience instead of on the service.

Secret Santa is a popular feature on Redditgifts, which helped create the largest online Secret Santa exchange in history. As of December 2012, over 60,000 Secret Santas from 126 countries had been registered. As the popularity of this gift exchange increased, McComas realized the potential for a central location that would make the entire gift exchange process a lot simpler. As a result, Redditgifts Marketplace was born.


There are many different ways to interact with Reddit. Some people like to read through the content, while others enjoy contributing to discussions and hording karma. Whatever your purpose, Baconreader has features to fit your needs. From submitting comments to controlling your home page content, you’ll find the perfect solution for your Reddit experience. There are five features that will make your Reddit experience even better!

Besides its ability to read a variety of content, BaconReader also provides enhanced search, following friends, and a unique subreddit explorer. Using BaconReader is intuitive and simple enough for beginners as well as experts to navigate. There are also community forums and news feeds available on the site to give you the inside scoop on the latest and greatest features.