November 27, 2023


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Wondering how to select a Wedding Planner?

Wondering how to select a Wedding Planner

Your partner has just proposed and the engagement ring has barely been on your finger for a minute, but you’re already flooded with wedding planning tips! Sounds familiar?

How do you make sense of the endless advice you are receiving and how do you make your wedding planning simple?

Hire a wedding planner, of course!

Yes, we know, selecting a wedding planner is an important decision itself. You have to identify and hire a wedding planner who is in sync with you, and can understand and translate your wedding vision into reality.  

So, we have come up with a list of things you can ask the wedding planner before finally hiring one.

Get an idea of the planner’s experience and expertise

Ask the wedding planner why they got into the wedding planning business and what is their favorite part of being a wedding planner?

You should also ask how many weddings they handle a year and reviews or testimonials from past clients. You could also ask to have a look at their portfolio for samples of their work. Check how many staff they have to support them. This will give you a direct glimpse into whether that wedding planner is the one you would like to go with.

Ask about services offered

Ask the prospective wedding planner whether they can help you create a vision or just help you execute what you have in mind. It is important for the wedding planner to also be a creative professional.

Ask about the types of planning services they offer. Check whether there are different packages for different levels of service. Also check whether they will give you a checklist of tasks that they and would have to handle.

Remember that you do not want a robotic service that the wedding planner just replicates at each wedding they do but you do not want any loose ends on your wedding day or reception either.

Ask about involvement

You need to know whether the wedding planner would be around when you need them so check whether they do only one wedding at a time or more. What kind of response time can I expect from you if I have questions? Ask how soon can you expect and answer when you have a question and whether they are available on weekends, for the rehearsal, the church, and the reception.

Check finer details

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