November 24, 2023


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Top tips to search an affordable solar panel company in the Bay Area

Top tips to search an affordable solar panel company in the Bay Area

With so many solar panel companies out there, selecting the right one gets difficult. Everyone claims to be the “best” and “economical.”

To make the search easier, we have discussed a few tips. These tips help you find an affordable solar panel company in the Bay Area.

  1. Ask about the warranty

Don’t hire a company that gives you only 5 or 10 years of warranty. You will have to spend a lot of repairing or replacement of the parts after that period. A cost effective solar electric system in the Bay Area will easily give you a warranty of around 25 years. They don’t ask you to pay for the labor in the period.

  • Compare the prices

The good, old way to find a reasonable vendor is to compare the prices. After examining your needs, the companies will share the quotes with you. Compare the prices, warranty, brand of the system, etc.

  • Know about the average price

Having the knowledge of the average price in your area helps in deciding if you are paying the right amount or not. Specifically for the Bay Area, average installed prices for the solar electric systems was $3.29 per watt.

  • Check their reviews

The customers don’t mind posting the reviews about their vendors online. These can be good, bad, or neutral reviews. You will learn a lot about the cost effective solar installers in the Bay Area by reading the feedback of their past customers.

  • Ask about the brand

More often than not, the brand they install is new or unknown. It is better to check its reputation. You must also insist on getting a solar panel brand that’s renowned. Some companies you can choose include LG, Canadian Solar, Enphase, and Panasonic.

The Bottom Line: We hope your search for the cost effective solar company in the Bay Area becomes easier. It is always recommended to ensure that the final cost they are quoting is inclusive of everything.