December 7, 2023


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Top 5 lighting fixtures and lamps for your home from Signature Warehouse

Top 5 lighting fixtures and lamps for your home from Signature Warehouse

Signature Warehouse is known for a vast range of furniture, home accessories, cookware, and more. This online store is also home to exquisite lighting fixtures and lamps

If you’re looking for the best diamond acylic table lamp night light, you’ll get it here. Well, this is one of many options on Signature Warehouse. To help you select the right option, we have listed top 5 lighting fixtures and lamps for your home.

  1. 3D Colorful Nordic hanging lamp

Enjoy the coziness that this Nordic hanging lamp offers. This 3D colorful lamp is enough to recharge your batteries after a tiring day at work. You have to pay only $206 to order this online. Signature Warehouse also offers nordic gold shade ceiling lights in the USA at the best prices.

  • Walnut wood floor lamp tripod base

This online store offers the best walnut wood floor lamp tripod base in the USA. The modern silhouette and natural tones of this lamp are enough to give a rustic look to your room. There’s a 14 round wood shelf that makes it a useful addition. A brushed steel accent towards the neck and a sharp tripod frame make it a class apart. Get it for just $658.42 from this online store.

This LED ceiling light blends appearance with functionality. You can place this minimalistic light fixture at the balcony entrance, in your kitchen corridor, night corridor, or other crucial areas of your home. The LED lights will reduce your power bills. Set the light with one of these colors: warm light, natural light, and cool light. This light comes at $58.04, with a two-year warranty.

  • Crystal dandelion chandelier

This modern chandelier design is synonymous with opulence. This crystal shade chandelier will enhance the look and feel of your living room, dining area, or other common areas of your home. Many commercial establishments also use this fixture in their reception and seating areas. Pay $278.80 to order it online.

  • LED Hanging pendant light

This is our personal favorite on the list. These pendant lights have an aluminum body and suit every area of your home: living room, study, kitchen, bedrooms, etc. Order it for just $62.10 online.

So, which one did you like the most? Order it now from here: