November 25, 2023


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The process of marriage ceremony services in Greater Houston

The process of marriage ceremony services in Greater Houston

You might have wondered how notary services conduct marriage ceremonies. We have explained the entire process of marriage ceremony services in Greater Houston below:

  1. The notary public asks the bride and the groom to say their respective vows.
  2. The professional then asks each one if they “take each other” as wife and husband.
  3. The next step involves the exchange of rings.
  4. The marriage ceremony oaths are again repeated.
  5. The notary public declares the couple as “married” after the process completes.

Many notaries also offer rehearsal services before the marriage ceremony in Greater Houston. You have to pay a little extra fee for rehearsals.

The notary services charge you 200 to 500 dollars. The overall cost depends on guests, type of vows (traditional/customized), and the service provider you choose.

The couples choose this service because they get time flexibility. The professionals will visit the location of your choice in the city. And as discussed above, you get to rehearse the whole process. This helps you get rid of pre-wedding jitters. You can ask the questions from the notary beforehand. You can be sure that the vows are correct.

Choose Houston’s Notary Services for marriage ceremony in Greater Houston. The company offers you a certified ordained wedding officiant as a part of this service. You get a Zoom / phone consultation. And an hour to perform your wedding. You can choose from custom or traditional vows. All this is available for only 200 dollars.

You can also select a full service package for 400 dollars. In this package, you get 90 minutes to perform your wedding. This also includes email exchanges and in-person consultation.

Learn more about this service in detail from here: You can also call the company’s head office: Phone: 713) 955-6485 (Toll Free) 1-844-292-5562