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Take a Look at these 9 Rooftop Restaurants and Bars in Gurgaon that are Ideal for Cocktail Parties

Rooftop Restaurants and Bars in Gurgaon that are Ideal for Cocktail Parties

Looking for that one ideal venue for your dream event? We’ve got you covered!

Partying has always been enjoyable. What could be more enjoyable than inviting your friends around for delicious food, enjoyable music, and lively conversation? It’s not always necessary for a cocktail party planning to be stressful. Hosting a cocktail party requires careful consideration of the party’s location. Take into consideration the party’s location and the maximum number of guests you can have there without running out of room. The setting must be enjoyable, attractive, and friendly.

Looking to throw a cocktail party in Gurgaon or celebrate some success story, a birthday, or any other special event? Panoramic views of the bustling city, a stunning rooftop restaurant, and a range of delectable meals on the table- this is what you desire.

There are several restaurants, cafés, bistros, and food trucks in Gurgaon. Having too many alternatives might be a little confusing. Just for you, we’ve chosen Gurgaon’s 9 top rooftop and outdoor eateries that are ideal for Cocktail Parties.

  • A fantastic location called Sky Lounge- Park Plaza can be found in Sushant Lok, a neighborhood in Gurgaon. If you’re interested in hosting a wedding event, cocktail party, or birthday party, you can be sure that the hotel will provide you with specialized services. Sky Lounge, the first birthday celebration restaurant and cocktail party lounge of its kind in Gurugram’s suburbs, offers a genuinely unique experience. Bold hues and a modern design accentuate the already lovely surroundings in the lounge.
  • Stay connected at the contemporary Crowne Plaza hotel, which is situated in the city’s commercial district. A chic hotel with the ideal fusion of opulent luxuries and cutting-edge services in a business setting and parties is the Hotel Crowne Plaza. Additionally, travelers can reserve any of the hotel’s rooms or suites to enjoy the attractiveness of a contemporary setting. Therefore, it is not understood why this property has become a top pick for both business and leisure guests. The hotel guarantees its visitors an enjoyable stay that is both pleasant. It is considered one of the top birthday celebration restaurants and cocktail party venues in Gurgaon.
  • A neighborhood that wears its heart on its sleeve. Stories can be found on every wall and in every corner at Rooftop at Gallery. This location is regarded as one of the top party places in Delhi since it is brimming with color, imagination, and vitality. Discover their stories through their creative cocktails as they motivate you on the city’s vibrant trip making it an ideal birthday celebration restaurant and cocktail party destination.
  • Adda by Striker, a hugely popular cocktail party venue with a sizable rooftop space in Sector 29 in Gurgaon, is one of our go-to spots for a night out. It is one of the top party places in Delhi. This location has an unmatched atmosphere and vibe, with great music blasting from the speakers as you dance and look about at the same time. Weekends can be a little packed, but if a lively crowd and a festive atmosphere are what you’re after, we strongly advise you to check out Striker.
  • Nowhere Terrace Brewpub Cafe is one of our top choices for a relaxed evening session with your friends and family and hosting a cocktail party because it is a lively, young place with delicious beer flavors. The outdoor ambiance complements this place’s atmosphere perfectly, and the romantic ambiance is amplified by the lovely decor. Here, you may listen to some excellent live music while enjoying a frothy beverage and a platter of crunchy chicken wings. Also, a word of advice from one beer enthusiast to another: try their distinctive Smoky Lager.
  • Believe us when we say that if you haven’t been to Vibe: The Sky Bar- Hilton Garden in Gurgaon, you’re missing out on the best. What better location to have an impromptu candlelight supper than on this whimsical rooftop birthday celebration restaurant and a venue for cocktail parties with panoramic views of the city, especially if you and your spouse are always game for one? Along with some lovely views, you may enjoy a swimming pool right next to your seating area, which is on the terrace of the Hilton Garden Inn hotel. We refer to this as a win-win situation.
  • The AM-PM Cafe & Bar is sure to pop up when you are looking for magnificent rooftop restaurants in Gurgaon for cocktails and birthday parties. This birthday celebration restaurant’s outside terrace is as picturesque as they come, making it the ideal spot for enjoying a glass of wine and a sumptuous bowl of pasta while taking in views of the city. Along with a broad selection of drinks and hookahs, they also serve up a range of meals. Put a pin in AM-PM as one of the most tranquil choices among the best rooftop restaurants in Gurgaon. It’s as wonderful a place for a romantic dinner date or a fun cocktail party as it is for a low-key night out with your best friends.
  • As any long-time Gurgaon resident or tourist will tell you, Sector 29 is where you go when you’re confused by your options in G-Town. Decode Air Bar is one such hidden gem in this popular strip of bars and pubs. Decode is one of the best rooftop bars in Gurgaon, boasting stunning décor that you’ll want to take pictures of and remarkably tranquil patio space. A special mention should be made of the meal presentation, which is sure to tempt the foodie in you. It is one of the best party places in Delhi.
  • We only have one question for beer enthusiasts who haven’t yet visited Gurgaon’s top rooftop breweries: what else have you been doing? Most of these lists give Brewocrat a mention because of its amazing selection of freshly brewed beverage alternatives and exquisite atmosphere. However, the rooftop seating area, which boasts luxurious chairs and stunning views of the city in action, is undoubtedly our favorite feature and an ideal venue for cocktail parties. It is also considered one of the best restaurants for birthday celebrations.

We got you covered with the top 9 rooftop venues in Gurgaon ideal for cocktail parties. You can also book them for weddings, birthday parties, corporate parties, and even for social occasions like anniversaries, receptions, pre-wedding festivities, etc! Looking for that one ideal venue for your dream event? We’ve got you covered! With our hassle-free services, you can drop in a query at and let our venue experts present to you a wide range of best venues and you can select the one you like according to your choice and vibe with the best deals applied.

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