September 21, 2023


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Some rules to consider for Philips UVC lamps

Some rules to consider for Philips UVC lamps

A cloud-based platform that can be customized to operate with any Philips UVC lamp goods is required to guarantee efficacy and go beyond aesthetic appeal.

The quality of our environment, including the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the cleanliness of the surfaces we come in contact with, has a major impact on our health and happiness. Everybody is at risk of contracting and spreading a virus or bacterium in crowded public places including the workplace, supermarkets, schools, bars or restaurants, and public transportation, to name just a few.

A cloud-based platform that can be customized to operate with any Philips UVC lamp goods is required to guarantee efficacy and go beyond aesthetic appeal.

Consolidated interface

  • Data from the UVC Smart-Vu sensor is sent to a wall-mounted transmitter, which then sends it to a gateway, which finally sends it to a cloud-based dashboard that can be accessed from any web browser and handled in real-time.
  • Offering a consolidated interface for the administration of a single location or a distributed network of hundreds, including detailed statistics on all UVC devices.

Programs and preventative measures

People in many parts of the world are protected from the virus’s effects by vaccination programs and other preventative measures. However, we have shown that not all methods are equivalent in their ability to halt the spread of illness.

There is mounting evidence that airborne transmission is the predominant mode of COVID-19 spread. That’s why it’s important to increase ventilation and clean the air within the building to lower the danger of being exposed to microorganisms.

Effective disinfectant

  • The effectiveness of a building’s ventilation system, and hence the quality of the air within, may be measured in terms of the number of air changes per hour.
  • UV-C radiation is an effective disinfectant that may be used on surfaces, objects, air, and water.
  • Its effectiveness in reducing illness risk has been shown during more than forty years of widespread use.

Applications of UV Lights

The effectiveness of ultraviolet-C (UV-C) disinfection, which has been researched on hundreds of samples over the years, has been confirmed against all bacteria and viruses, including a broad spectrum of coronaviruses. Lab tests showed that 6 seconds of exposure to our UV-C light sources killed 99.9% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus on the surface.

Designed with HVAC specialists

Alternatively, recirculation disinfection systems that use ultraviolet light from UVC lamps are available.

  • This might be used to repair HVAC systems, for instance. Safeguarding the UV light source is a crucial part of using UV in any application. This benefit may be available to you since you are using this product.
  • We encourage you to put our Philips UVC disinfection solutions to use in your area of work since they were designed specifically with HVAC specialists in mind.

UVC systems installation

How to effectively use this knowledge has grown substantially over the last several decades. This enables us to have a large selection of UV-C lamps and fixtures on hand for a wide range of applications. Some examples include outdoor UV-C lights, UV-C trolleys, UV-C systems located in elevated places to disinfect the air in transit, UV-C sterilization chambers, and UV-C systems installed to disinfect complete facilities while they are empty overnight.

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