December 4, 2023


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Smart lighting in SMEs increases productivity and saves times

Smart lighting in SMEs increases productivity and saves times

These workplaces meet the sustainable targets and increase the savings of energy.

Connected lighting in SME or small and medium enterprises builds a workplace that is more comfortable, productive, and secure. These workplaces meet the sustainable targets and increase the savings of energy. SMEs can enjoy the benefit of connected lighting by introducing an interact system that is cost-effective, and wireless in every step of the customer’s smart lighting journey. The system can grow to any height from smart to super-smart. Interact Pro system offers a risk-free way to connect the new lighting business at a lower project cost than before by installing the interact ready lighting.

Works perfectly

This smart lighting solution works perfectly for all offices and workplaces.

  • There is no restriction on light points, and they are ideal for offices, warehouses, schools, industrial sites, and many more areas.
  • This is the perfect solution for projects of all sizes and scopes.
  • The market has several interact-ready lamps, smart sensors, and switches to cover all applications and luminaries.

The connected lighting in SME simply connects interact ready luminaries with the interact Pro app through the Bluetooth connection and the system works smartly as per the need of the user.

Smart workplace with smart lighting

It is the responsibility of the owner to make the workplace smart and make it more comfortable and productive. This can be done by installing Smart Lighting in SMEs through Interact Pro personal control app. This lighting system supports the desired outcomes of the business with the help of optimized light levels to meet the preferences of the employee, their task, and safety and security necessities. One can lay the foundation in smart ways like :

  • Set-up is simple and straightforward and there is no need for additional wiring or access to building an internet connection.
  • One can save more than 80% on installation and material costs.
  • Energy-saving will increase by 75% with the facility of dimming and other time features.
  • Smart lighting with luminaire integrated systems.
  • This access is the cloud-based benefits and functionality such as remote access, scheduling, energy, and adaptation monitoring, and some information on light points regarding health and lifetime.
  • Once the system grows, one can keep the previously installed light points.

Safety and security

Safety and security are taken care of in a better way with the help of the Interact Pro system of lighting because it helps the employee, and the clients track the information on energy usage, health, and lighting performances. Fault alerts and real-time data on remote access help to reduce the cost to extend the service and minimize downtime.

Smart Lighting in SMEs connects the lighting system connects to the cloud via the internet. There is no doubt that the connected lighting is the LED smart lights with their integrated sensors are connected to the app and it is opening a good opportunity for the entire world. Let us note that this IoT structure made a major pathway in bog corporations but now the SMEs are availing the opportunity with nearly 200 light points.

Final note

The smart lighting with an interact Pro system needs no separate antennas, signal cables, or radio boxes.

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