September 20, 2023


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Power Factor Correction Suppliers In Philippines Talks About Potential Advantages Related To PFC

Power quality is indeed vital for efficient operation of equipment. During such instances, power factor from power factor correction suppliers in the Philippines contributes towards its usage value. Generally speaking, the power factor is a measurement of how efficiently the income power is used within electrical installations. It is primarily the ratio of the active power to the apparent one.

Typically, the corrected power factor lies within 0.92 to 0.95. Some of the power distributors will offer incentives for operating with any power factor better than 0.9. On the other hand, some might penalize consumers with poorer power factors. Poorer power factor, which is less than 95%, results in extra current needed to cover the same amount of work.

Focusing on power factor correction:

Also known as PFC, the power factor correction from experts offering capacitors low voltage will improve the present power factor. It results in improving power quality.

  • PFC helps in reducing the load on the main electrical distribution system.
  • It increases energy efficiency levels and will further reduce electricity costs.
  • PFC can also decrease the instability chances and equipment failure.
  • You can obtain PFC through proper capacitor connections.
  • It helps in producing reactive energy, opposite to the energy absorbed by loads like motors, located closer to the load.
  • This stage helps in improving the power factor from a section where reactive power is connected. It is one proven way to prevent unwanted current circulation inside the network.

Why opt for it?

The reputed power factor correction suppliers in the Philippines are more than happy to help you with the preferred PFC. But, have you ever wondered why you need such corrective services? Well, some of the beneficial aspects are listed below for your reference.

  • Helps to reduce voltage drops:

Installing proper capacitors will allow for a reduction in the voltage drops from the point where the PFC device remains connected. It helps to prevent overloading of the network. As a result, you can reduce harmonics.

  • Reducing the size of the installation:

Installing proficient PFC equipment will reduce the conductor’s cross-section to get reduced. For that, you need help from reputed power factor correction suppliers in the Philippines. During this time, less current will get absorbed by the compensated installation from the same chosen active power.

  • Increasing the available power:

Fitting out the PFC equipment on any lower voltage side will increase the power, procured from the secondary level of the MV/LV transformer. A high power factor helps in optimizing electrical installation. It does that by allowing proficient use of components.

  • Saving huge money on the final electricity bill every month:

Remember that power factor correction helps in eliminating penalties on reactive energy. It decreases demand for kVA. Furthermore, the PFC from power factor correction suppliers in the Philippines further helps in reducing power losses, which are otherwise generated within the transformers and conductors of any installation.

The final verdict:

Get to improve your power factor correction by adding capacitors in parallel with connected motor or lighting circuits. It can be applied at the distribution board, equipment, or at the origin of the installation. You can further apply static power factor correction at individual motors by connected the correction capacitors to that of the motor starter. Once the PFC is properly sized, you don’t have to worry about over-correction. But, it is often recommended to contact the best suppliers for the same.

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