November 28, 2023


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Know the Advantages and Drawbacks of the UV Disinfection

Since it has been used for many years to disinfect ingesting water, swimming pools, and different public spaces, UV disinfection offerings have long been used in the clinical sector. But what advantages and disadvantages does this kind of sterilisation have? In this post, we are going to go over the ideas of UV disinfection as nicely as some of its advantages and drawbacks.

Benefits of UV disinfection 

Using an ultraviolet light beam to eliminate bacteria in drinking water and other liquids is known as UV disinfection. High-intensity lamps that emit photons at wavelengths between 200 and 260 nm with a peak efficiency between 257 and 262 nm are typically used to achieve this.

The following are some benefits of using one:

  • Utilising UV disinfection is simple and safe

UV disinfection is the best since it is so simple to use, among other things. All you need to do is use a Signify UV lamp, and that’s all. Anything else requires additional time, effort, money, and labour, such as chemical processing or boiling.

  • UV disinfection can be modified

The UV disinfection services can be adjusted quite easily, which is great if you intend to clean a large area. It’s possible that you have a portable gadget or a faucet-attached device. The best feature about such systems is that they don’t have any moving components, which makes them quite dependable and strong for prolonged use.

  • UV disinfection is available everywhere

Any liquid that needs to be sterilised can be subjected to Signify UV disinfection, not just water. These consist of bodily fluids like blood, urine, and others. Its use in hospitals has increased over time due to its capacity to quickly eradicate bacteria without allowing them to repopulate by touching anything else that has previously come into contact with them.

Drawbacks of UV disinfection 

Like any other disinfection product, UV disinfection has its drawbacks as well, and we’ve highlighted the ones you should be aware of:

  • Frequent UV disinfection is required

You need a system that will be used frequently if you want to keep UV disinfection services in your drinking water effective. Even a few hours is not really enough because the bacteria can continue to multiply given enough time.

  • UV light disinfection can be pricey

UV disinfection requires an investment in lamps, which costs more if you intend to use them outside of your home. When employed on a bigger scale, this can be quite expensive because the amount of UV light needed will be very high, increasing the cost of electricity.

  • UV disinfection is time-consuming

Being forced to clean something that is already dirty can be a headache while UV disinfection units are taking their time to function. It works best when combined with other techniques because it cannot completely eradicate all germs at once and sometimes misses some.

The advantages and drawbacks of UV disinfection for water filtration are blanketed in the article. Finding out the whole lot you want to understand about this challenge is rewarding due to the fact it is important.

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