November 27, 2023


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Easy Healthy Recipes Are Now Just A Click Away

Are you super busy with your office work and don’t have enough time to make a healthy dinner? Well, if so, then there are a few healthy recipes that you have to give out a try! It will hardly take a few minutes of your busy schedule to prepare these meals, and they will be as healthy and tasty as possible! Cooking has never been this much fun!

  • Spinach and pea Carbonara:

Always remember that fresh pasta will take less time to cook when compared to dried ones. So, that makes it a must-have recipe for all those fast dinners on weeknights. Eggs can always form that creamy sauce. As they don’t get cooked all the way through so try using the pasteurized eggs if you like them.

  • Sloppy Joes with beans and beef:

You might have tried out some of the class Sloppy Joes, a great comfort food. Now, to add a bit more protein to your bite, you can trade the classic beans with some meat. If you are not into beef, then the shredded chicken will do the trick as well. Make sure to cut back on the ketchup and the sugar count, and you can turn this food into a healthy, delightful recipe!

  • Chole or the chickpea curry:

You can either use the canned beans for this recipe or get the fresh ones from the nearby market. It is noted as one of the Easy Healthy Recipes to try out, which can be made just in minutes! In case you want some additional veggie bite with every portion, then you can stir in some cauliflower florets. Serve the chickpea curry with a side of warm Naan or basmati rice, and you are sorted for the night!

  • Sesame noodles with chicken pieces:

If you want a dish with lean chicken and loads of veggies in it, then this noodle recipe with sesame chicken is always a good call to address. It is spicy, tangy, and a bit sticky, overall, making up for a great bite. For this recipe, you need to use Asian noodles. For the vegetables, carrots, zucchini, and peppers are some of the great options to go with the noodles over here.

  • Skillet chicken with cranberries and apples:

Want to celebrate the flavors of fall? If so, then this skillet-cooked chicken recipe with cranberry and apple sauce is your perfect option to focus on. In case you don’t want that extreme tart flavor, you can use the dried cranberries in place of the fresh ones. Now, you can serve this dish with roasted Brussels sprouts and wild rice! So, buckle up and check out the Popular Healthy Recipes Collection right away! You can always give anyone a try that seems to fit your budget well.