November 25, 2023


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Are you making these wooden cutting board mistakes?

Are you making these wooden cutting board mistakes

Anna loves experimenting with recipes. People always appreciate her food. They also ask for recommendations of kitchen equipment. Her wine bottle shaped cutting board from Lodi, California, was also quite popular. The visitors appreciated its design and practicality. Sadly, after a few months it lost its glory. It wasn’t the product’s fault, though, Anna failed to take care of it properly.

Are you also making the cutting board mistakes that Anna made? Let’s find out.

Using same board for all foods

That’s what Anna did! She didn’t have different cutting boards for different items. The best practice is to have at least two cutting boards. One for breads, vegetables, and other ready-to-eat items. Another should be for raw foods like poultry, meat, and seafood. You can choose different shaped boards to avoid confusion. One can be wine shaped whereas the other can be a heart shaped cutting board online.

Cleaning your board with wrong products

Different people will suggest different cleaning products. The popular options include specialized seasoning items and wood balms. They are all good but costly. The most economical option is mineral oil, which ensures the look and quality of your board are retained.

Putting wooden board in dishwasher

We were shocked to read an article that said it’s okay to put your wooden board in the dishwasher. The boards get over-saturated with water if you make this mistake. Plus, the heat destroys the board by overdrying it. Both these situations are harmful.

Not cleaning your cutting board after using it

When compared to plastic and other boards, the wooden ones trap less bacteria. Still, you can’t ignore the cleaning part. The cleaning becomes more important when you are using it to cut raw meat. Clean the cutting board surface with baking soda in case you notice sour smells. This should be followed by pouring a cup of vinegar. Avoid these mistakes that Anna made. And to order a wine bottle shaped cutting board in California, trust Weber. visit this link to more about this company and the options they offer: :