September 23, 2023


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Adjustable workstations reduce back pain caused by sitting jobs

Adjustable workstations reduce back pain caused by sitting jobs

You hire an employee thinking they are going to reduce the burden off your shoulders. They are doing great in the first few months. Then, they start feeling tired and uninspired. The productivity badly decreases. The number of sick leaves also increases.

In a few weeks, you start wondering: Have I hired the person?

Am I spending a lot on the wrong employee?

In most of the cases, there is no fault of the employees. Wrong workstation design has to be blamed.

Let us explain.

Human body isn’t designed to sit for 7-8 hours straight. It is designed to keep moving and working. With sitting jobs, it’s not possible to move regularly.

There’s a reason people say that sitting is the new smoking.

So, what’s the solution?

Change the nature of the job? We wish it was possible.

The best we can do is, get the adjustable workstations in Los Angeles, California.

As the name suggests, adjustable workstations let the users (you or your team members) adjust the height of the desk.

The primary benefit is that there are no worries of back pain. As the workers don’t feel stressed, they don’t experience back pain

And this is not something we are saying based on speculations. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) did research and published a study around it. It was mentioned in the study the standing desks offer relief to employees suffering from chronic back pain. This happens in just four weeks.

Another major health benefit of modern office furniture in Los Angeles is they reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases. It’s shocking that sitting jobs increase the risk of heart diseases by 147 percent.

We are sure you don’t want this to happen with yourself or your workers.

This is why we recommend you get adjustable workstations in Los Angeles, California, from Office Design Studio.

Your employees will experience proper movement and great exposure using it. Many companies that use these workstations have a lot of positive words for the product.

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