November 26, 2023


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9 Different types of track pants

9 Different types of track pants

Track pants are the most favourite choices of men and women due to their comfortable and breathable characteristics.

The word may be small but the patterns and varieties aren’t as there are so many options from which it would be difficult to choose one.

Each one of them are worn for different purposes and have different designs with a lot of color options for you.

There are a number of brands which provide you with a variety of track pants and joggers that are durable and soft to wear.

Either you want a slim fitted track pant or a loose track pant as a leisurewear or sportswear. They differ in length and are available in all sizes so that you can get the right one for yourself.

Different Types of Track Pants

Here is the list of different types of track pants that are the popular ones among both men and women.

All of them are best in their own way and can be preferred as per your choice. There are super amazing colors and elastic grip at the waist which gives a fine and perfect grip.  

1. Basic Length Track Pant

You can also call them the regular track pants that are worn on a regular basis. They are a bit longer than the ankle and have a loose fitting giving you an easy movement.

It can be cotton track pants or may be made of linen, rayon or polypropylene having a smooth texture and giving a soft feel while wearing.   

2. Ankle length Track Pant

Next are the ankle-length track pants which are not too long and not too short and which gives a modish appeal to the wearer.

These tracks may have a wide opening or they may have a thin grip at the ankle which gives a proper look to the wearer.

They are made from different fabrics and are available in a lot of color choices so that you can choose your favourite one. 

3. Cropped Track Pant

The cropped track pants are also known as capri pants that are more common among women as compared to men.

For girls there are skin fitted cropped track pants and for men the tracks are loose, having cuffed elastic at the waist which makes it easy to wear and manage.

They tend to be comfortable gym wear and casual wear.  

4. Relaxed Fit Track Pant

The relaxed fit track pants are the loose track pants which may have the same width from waist to ankle or may be a bit narrow from below.

They certainly give you some relaxed feel and are not compact at the thighs and give you extra comfort. Chubby people are more likely to wear these track pants as they give them a comfortable feel.     

5. Drawstring Track Pant

They are more familiarly known as sweatpants and sometimes sports track pants as they are comfortable in running, dancing and other activities.

They are a bit more unique as compared to those simple track pants, pair them with sweatshirts, gym t-shirts, stringers, pullovers or gym jackets and get the most contrasting look.  

6. Tailored Track Pant

Tailored track pants are made to fit every body type. It is ideal for those who want a slim and smart look. They are popularly known as Escobar sweatpants that are classy to wear.

You just need to pair some seamless t-shirts on it to complete the overall look. You can flaunt your casual look perfectly with the pair of this track pant and t-shirt.

7. Striped Track Pant

Striped track pants are the recently trending types of tracks nowadays. They are plain, ankle length and narrow fitted with two or three stripes at sides which gives it a fancy and stylish appeal.

You can stand out of the crowd with style when you wear these dashing track pants. It is highly preferred by people with short height as it makes them look taller and slimmer. 

8. Cargo Track Pant

Cargo track pants are something when you are willing to get a funky look. Pockets, elastic cuff at the ankle, loose fitting and some wrinkles make stunning track pants.

It may be a plain or a printed cargo paired with a stylish sweatshirt or a pullover to make a seamless combination. Be it a solid black track pant or a military track pant, each one of them is just amazing.   

9. Joggers Track Pant

Forget those simple track pants and choose some staggering yet stylish tracks that will give you a modish look. Get a bold appeal by choosing this one for a casual purpose.

They are one of the most popular clothing styles nowadays that are preferred around the globe by younger men. It ensures that you look the best whenever you wear it.

All the track pants listed above are some of the most admiring choices nowadays for every man. Apart from being comfortable they even look stylish.

You can explore different types of tracks and can choose the most favourable one from it. Either you are planning for a casual outing or are thinking of wearing something dominating while travelling then you can surely go for the combination of a trackpant and a casual t-shirt for a well-dignified look.     

Tops to Pair with Track Pants

There are a variety of gears or upper wears which you can pair with tracks and complete your overall athleisure.


Either you are wearing jeans, a short or a track the most popular pair always tends to be with a t-shirt.

You can prefer a short sleeve t-shirt or a full sleeve t-shirt in different colors ranging from pastels to some darker shades such as green, blue and red.


Another option is to go for sleeveless stringers or tank tops which differ in neckline and sleeve pattern.

They are simple, printed and may be loose or skin fitted and choose whichever you like the most. Track pants and stringer are the best gym outfit.  


For a stylish appeal you can choose a comfortable pullover and pair it with an ankle-length track pant or a jogger for a convenient appeal.

These long sleeve pullovers are suitable for all seasons depending on the material from which they are made.  


Training jacket, zipper jacket or non-zipper jacket you can choose any which you want. Actually they are the best look for winters. They protect you from the cold and you don’t need to compromise with your look while wearing it.