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4 tasty Mother’s Day Dinner Recipes: A tribute to your Mom

4 tasty Mother's Day Dinner Recipes A tribute to your Mom

Mother, this word is small. But her contribution is very large, and cannot be measured.

Mother, this word is small. But her contribution is very large, and cannot be measured. She is the perfect stress buster for you when you are going through a rough patch. Her jokes and laughter brighten up your day. 

She works from morning to night to make you happy and content. Her sacrifices and struggles are often ignored by you amidst your busy schedules. But she never expresses it in front of you.

So what can be a better tribute to her other than preparing some of her favorite dishes on Mother’s Day? 

You can try the Mother’s Day Dinner Recipes to make her feel extra special and important.

4 recipes exclusively for your mother

Before you start these dishes, make sure you create the perfect ambiance for her to enjoy the food.

Planning is important. Start with the dish that you will serve first. Then comes the main course with a side dish and finally the dessert.

  1. As a starter, you can choose to prepare a soup. 
  • Sweet corn soup

You will require boiled sweet corn kernels, chopped beans, carrots, coriander, peas, and spring onions. To thicken your soup add corn flour to it. Shift all these ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Sauté the whole of it in hot oil and butter. Then pour water according to the quantity of the vegetables and simmer it for a while. Then add black pepper powder. When all the items become tender, add salt, sugar, and slight chili sauce. As soon as it is ready, pour it into a bowl and keep it aside.

  • Main dish and side dish
  • You can prepare vegetable pulao for the main course. 

First, heat the mixture of oil and ghee and add the spices like cumin seeds, cinnamon, Indian bay leaf, etc. Then add chopped vegetables in it. Fry it for a while. Once it gets done, add half-boiled fragrant rice and stir well. Finally, add a large cup of water and keep it on low flame. Once the rice gets cooked, your dish is ready to be served.

  • For the side dish, you can choose a malai paneer.

For preparing this dish, cut the paneer into small pieces and half boil it. Then heat the oil and add whole spices to sauté them with the paneer. Slowly add ginger, garlic, cashew paste, and raisin paste and mix well. Then finally, when your paneer becomes soft, simmer on the stove and add fresh cream to it. Put off the flame and covet the lid to retain the aroma.

  • Dessert 

For dessert you can opt for simple kheer. For this, you need to tale about a liter of milk and boil it down until it becomes half the quantity. Then add cardamom powder, Indian bay leaf, and cinnamon. Once these get properly mixed into the milk, put off the flame and pour it into a bowl.

Finally, take your mom to the dinner table and serve these dishes hot. It will not only amaze her but also make her feel happy about you.

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