June 7, 2023


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3 Prime Benefits of Smart Led Light Bulb

prime benefits of smart led light bulb

Light is vital in all our lives. No one can imagine day-to-day working in life without using light. This gained pace with the evolution of Edison’s bulb.

Light is vital in all our lives. No one can imagine day-to-day working in life without using light. This gained pace with the evolution of Edison’s bulb.

After that, the lighting system is constantly going through transformation for the betterment of human life. Smart lighting is the trending technology that has unleashed various opportunities which were previously unthinkable.

It has enabled you to conveniently use a smart led light bulb, in your living space efficiently. Moreover, you are getting the scope of controlling it via an app or voice-activated associated devices.

Advantages of using smart led lighting

With more complexities in life and work, you will need a smooth healthy environment to do your job peacefully. Switching to smart lighting will facilitate this whole process.

Apart from this, there are other benefits linked to it and they have been carefully listed below for your knowledge.

  1. Adds to security, comfort, and entertainment at home

Be it industrial, public, or office, smart lighting is a hit in every sector. The latest occupancy sensors in these lighting will help you to save on the energy bills and running costs associated with connected lights. 

As there won’t be lighting in empty or infrequently visited places meeting rooms, car parking lots, or even bathrooms. 

When you are not at home, the energy and performance reports can be sent to the facility manager to personalize lighting where required, and no wastage through unwanted lighting. 

  • App-enabled technology

The current app-enabled Philips smart led bulb is the most popular lighting that is preferred these days. Most of these lights are application based. Hence, you can turn on lights or even switch them off from a remote place with the help of your mobile installed with the specific application.

Not only is it limited to turning on and off, but you can also adjust the intensity of the light. For example, if you want a dim setting, then it can be done via the app.

Hence, lot of opportunities are left in front of you to grab it soon.

  • Motion detectors

Traditional street lights are becoming obsolete with more acceptance of smart lighting. Motion detectors in private and public places that come preinstalled in smart bulbs help to curb crimes that might take place if the area was without any light.

The connected LEDs with sensors are primarily used in housing complexes, shopping malls, hospitals, and other commercial places where safety and security matter a lot.

The USP of this lighting is that you can seamlessly collect and organize wirelessly all the data related to the lighting levels and their timing.

Information like weather, temperature, footfall, sunrise, and sunset can be gathered quickly and used by the management council to improve urban planning.

As a whole, it can be said that when you adopt to new lighting system like smart bulbs, you will experience a cool ambiance that is refreshing and more functional than the previous counterparts.

Presently, you only need to install this system and enjoy a carefree life.

For more information, visit this website: https://www.lighting.philips.co.in/consumer

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